We work on all sorts of branding and visual communication projects, from colleague engagement to destination branding, and all stops in between. Click below for the full story on some of our more unusual projects.



Going the Red Way

Green Island

Green ISland

Creating a brand for rice from paradise



Creating a sense of place

Fairfield Gardens

fairfield Gardens

Branding beautifully natural skincare products



Defining flavour and texture

Blas y Tir

Blas y TIR

Expressing the taste of the land

Principality – RED HOT

Employee engagement is crucial to a happy and motivated workplace, and key to delivering your brand promise.

We have been working with Principality Building Society’s internal communications team for many years to help them relay their corporate values and strategic objectives to their colleagues.

In common with many large financial organisations, Principality keep a close watch on their Net Promoter Score to measure customer satisfaction levels, and their target is to be ‘Recommended Every Day’. We created a campaign identity to simplify this concept and make it a key part of the culture of the organisation.

The Red Way was introduced at the annual colleague event in 2011, and has been enthusiastically adopted by colleagues.

It also flavours the colleague recognition programme…

…and the staff newsletter

and moved above the line at summer events.

The Red Way is now embedded in the company’s DNA. It forms the core of their values and behaviours and is the reference guide and rallying cry for colleagues, helping them to do the right thing for their customers and their company.

Green Island Rice

The Marketing Manager of Green Island Rice came across a pack of Lizi’s Granola while visiting Copenhagen, and he thought to himself, “the guys that did this would be just right to create a brand for us”. With a bit of online detective work, he tracked us down and that’s how we found ourselves working for a major rice grower from the paradise island of Mauritius.

Green Island Rice produce premium quality long grain rice with an extremely low glycaemic index, making it the ideal foundation for a healthy diet. They needed a brand identity, packaging and web site that would communicate their island provenance and the healthy qualities of their rice.

As usual, we started with the discovery process. Our research took in the history, culture and landscape of Mauritius, the diet and health profile of the island, how other international rice brands market themselves and how new premium brands in other food categories have achieved cut-through in established international markets.

We worked up ideas for the brand identity, visual treatment and pack structure and created a set of visuals to kick start conversations with our client.

It became clear that GIR saw itself as an artisan producer compared to some of the major players in the market. Also important is the fact that they grow and pack all of their rice, many hundreds of miles from other rice-growing operations, which keeps the genetics pure. We recommended a quad-seal packaging solution.

From our presentation, the consensus was that our design, inspired by scrimshaw engravings of old-time mariners, reflected the maritime history and unique landscape of the island. Carefully crafted copy, hand-drawn illustrations and classic typography on translucent quad-seal bags give the brand real distinction on the shelf.

The web site develops the heritage theme and tells the story of rice and history of the island.

Everything is now in place for when Green Island Rice are ready to launch their brand to the international market. Watch this space…


Branding a destination is one of the most emotive and challenging, as well as the most exciting and rewarding projects an agency will ever get to do. The various opinions and preconceptions of stakeholders, partner organisations and the local community have to be taken into account and converted into a positive spirit of unity, aspiration and advocacy for their area with the interests of the target visitor at its heart.

The Denbigh Tourism Community and Cadwyn Clwyd commissioned us to create a destination brand for their town and through an extensive process of research and public consultation we learned what was important to the community and what they felt was distinctive about their area.

To understand the current situation we conducted a brand audit, experience research and competitor benchmarking, and investigated examples of destination brands, locally, nationally and internationally.

The outputs from consultation and brand review were analysed and distilled into a brand essence.

The findings from our discovery phase were written up in a Brand Review and Definition document which formed the basis of our creative brief. We presented back to the people of Denbigh and had a vigorous debate about current perceptions and the next steps.

The creative phase followed and we worked up a range of viable treatments for the identity which were discussed and shortlisted with the steering group…

…until we arrived at a set of three treatments that were presented to the townsfolk for their comments. All along we were conscious of the need to keep everyone informed and to build consensus for the project.

The meeting was unanimous in favour of our concept of a key as the metaphor for many of the competitive attributes of Denbigh – it signifies a ‘best kept secret’, a hidden gem; and on a more practical level, it represents the key to the town walls – a unique feature of the town – which visitors can visit. The gesture of handing a visitor the keys to your town said everything about the hospitality and welcome that visitors will experience.

We wrote the Denbigh Story, a short piece of text that encapsulates all the competitive benefits of the area and incorporated it into a sense-of-place toolkit that will help the businesses of Denbigh to deliver consistent messages and speak with one voice. The brand was launched in April 2013.

Fairfield Gardens

We love getting involved with energetic start-up brands from the very beginning. Fairfield Gardens came to us with an ambition to build a strong brand of skincare products blended from natural, British-sourced ingredients. It’s a crowded market but Fairfield Gardens have the vision and passion to stand out.

For starters we explored a range of designs applied to their best-selling range of lip balms. These gave us a point of reference to discuss the band in detail with our client.

Their lip balms are now selling well through their online store and selected stockists.


British waters are home to around 100 different species of fish, but the market is dominated by the big five: cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns. Seafish, the authority on seafood based in Edinburgh, appointed us to make it simpler for consumers to select, prepare and eat more fish.

Working with Strategic Planner, Caroline Hanna, we developed a range of symbols that described the flavour and texture characteristics of different fish to make it easy for the consumer to overcome barriers and choose some of the more sustainable species.

We also created a set of pictograms to explain the best ways to cook the fish.

The lexicon was launched to the trade in February 2013 with plenty of interest and support from some of the big retailers and processors.

We’re currently working on collateral to educate counter and waiting staff and raise the profile of the lesser-known varieties for the consumer.

Blas y Tir

Puffin Produce are a large farming co-operative based in West Wales that grows potatoes and other veg for the supermarket trade. They saw an opportunity to get greater reach in the market by launching their own brand and making the most of their Welsh provenance. Working with strategic planner Caroline Hanna, we developed the Blas y Tir brand – Welsh for ‘Taste of the Land’, and created a hand-drawn logo that symbolised their home-grown, local attributes.

The brand was first applied to daffodils for St David’s Day.

Then we worked up packaging for two ranges of products, standard plus and premium.

The big retailers responded to the idea of local produce, locally packed and locally sold and suddenly there was a need for point of sale and in-store graphics.

With website, vehicles, event graphics, clothing and just about every other application, the Blas y Tir is one of the most comprehensive projects in our portfolio.


We have worked with Caroline and our media and PR partners on fully-integrated campaigns to promote the brand and specifically their flagship products, Rudolph potatoes, and Pembrokeshire Earlies. The activity included press, PR, in-store sampling, tv, radio and outdoor advertising. Sales of Blas y Tir have gone from zero to over £10m in the five years we have been working with them.


Have a look at our TV ads for Pembrokeshire Earlies, Winter Veg and Rudolph campaigns.