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A real surprise

Posted on June 20, 2015 at 2:52 am

Ruthin is a beautiful market town nestling in the scenic Vale of Clwyd. It’s a bit of a hidden gem with a blood-soaked history, stunning landscape and a vibrant arts scene. We were delighted to create a branding and marketing strategy to help raise awareness and put the town on the visitor’s map.

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A couple of years ago we created a destination brand for the town of Denbigh, and when the people of neighbouring town Ruthin saw how effective it was, they called us in to discuss what could be done to raise their profile and attract visitors.

 Projects like this really stir the creative juices – branding a destination gets right to the heart of what makes a place unique and focuses on its competitive attributes in terms of community, attitude, economy and infrastructure as much as the more obvious features of history, landscape, attractions and hospitality. 

Looking at the town as an outsider is important. It allows us to keep an objective view of the project and make sure that the personal opinions and agendas of local people has got the right level of influence over the final product –not too much, but not ignored either.

As always with this type of project, we consulted widely with the local community, and conducted various research activities, fact-finding missions, visitor experience analysis and brand workshops. We learned what was important to locals and what most attracted visitors. We developed a marketing strategy for the town with recommendations on how to make the most of what they’ve got, including rebranding, creating a detailed web site, and maximising opportunities for content sharing and social media interaction.

The iconic view of the town from a distance always includes the spire of St johns Church seen against the hills of the Clwyddian Range. We designed a logo that refers to that iconic view but also reflects the timber-framed architecture of the town. It couldn’t be anywhere else.

The strapline encapsulates the core idea that everything about Ruthin is genuine, and a visitor will be amazed at the beautiful buildings, contemporary arts scene and stunning landscape. Ruthin is a real surprise.

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